Selfie Sock and the Road Trip


The road may be long

The road may be bumpy

but one thing is for sure
with you, you make it lovely.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip1The view from my window as the world whizzes past.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip3Fellow road trippers…


Africa on the left,
Me on the right

And stuck in the middle is Gibraltar.


More world whizzing past.


I’m going to eat you…

selfiesockandtheroadtrip13The ‘Lulu View’


Give me an “A”…

For ‘Almost’ there

selfiesockandtheroadtrip15Next time we will bring the tent.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip16I see the sea and the sea I see.

First sand for the sun season.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip20aaah… Beach Life

selfiesockandtheroadtrip23 Use the cream, if you’re going to lie in the sun and dream.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip31My view whilst driving.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip27All roads lead to home.

selfiesockandtheroadtrip33What an awesome trip and thanks to Lulu
for the love and laughter all the way.

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